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Christmas presents and fundraising for St Mary Magdalene and Community Centre

posted 15 Dec 2014, 05:43 by Camberwell Deanery   [ updated 15 Dec 2014, 05:44 ]

Thanks to all for helping to gather a complete list of Christmas services in the Camberwell Deanery.  The entire list of Christmas 2014 services can be accessed here.

If you are buying Christmas presents from Ebay, Amazon, Asda, Argos or Next (and a host of other shops), you can benefit St Mary's Church and Community Centre by registering with Easy Fundraising and then using their links to access your retailer.  (If you use the Chrome web browser, you can also add an extension which means that you won't even need to do anything once it's installed).

Each time you buy something, a small percentage of the money will go towards St Mary's.  This is a really innovative scheme, and, at present, the only church to have signed up in our Deanery is St Mary's.  They've already raised £180.13.

If all of the churches in our deanery were to join the scheme and encourage anybody using online retailers to buy through Easy Fundraising, all of our churches would likely raise a significant sum of money.  In the meantime, do consider signing up and helping St Mary's (at no additional cost to you).

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