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From consumers to disciples: Deanery Fresh Expressions

posted 3 Dec 2014, 15:13 by Camberwell Deanery   [ updated 3 Dec 2014, 15:13 ]

A message from Cleo Soanes, our Lay Chair:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

During my recent attendance to the National Deaneries Conference, Swanick, Derbyshire 2014, the delegates present were invited to think of ways to de-mystify the church and consider new outreach opportunities. John Wesley said' Let us be different, but go forth and fight our battles'. In other words, we are better when we work together.

As deanery lay chair, I am interested in hearing about innovative ways to strengthen our relationships and further the good work of our parishes. The Ministry and Trust fund is presenting us with an opportunity to be Disciples of Jesus, rather than Consumers of Religion.  We are encouraged to "be church", but not necessarily to "be in church".  Once again, the laity have been encouraged to take on greater leadership and imagine a shared vision to support mission and ministry in the wider community.

Therefore, I would like you to read the following notification below from Archdeacon Jane, who has invited us to think about a NEW project that we (all the churches in partnership) could embark upon that would offer training/development through a 'Fresh Expression' of ministry

I would very much like us to take advantage of the funds available for this potentially exciting piece of work, so, colleagues I strongly urge you to think about what we could do together and email me your ideas (css826@yahoo.com) at your earliest convenience or come prepared to submit some proposals at our next scheduled Synod meeting on Thursday 22nd January 2015 to enable us to apply for the grant!
I really look forward to hearing from you with your ideas ASAP and have been asked to share the following with you:


Ministry & Training finds itself in the happy place of having some money “to encourage activity which is trail blazing in the areas of Fresh Expressions, Deanery initiatives – particularly training for lay leaders in deaneries, and training for clergy and lay teams.

Deaneries are invited to make proposals for grants of up to £2,000 for new work.

The criteria for successful grants would be
* New initiatives, not repetitions of existing activity
* Focused on experiment, learning, and mission (reaching new people, trying new ways of working)
* Used for people/resources not buildings, refreshments or travel
* Match funded
* Willingness to record, report and reflect on the activity so that learning can be shared
* Applications would be particularly welcomed from deaneries with plans for lay and ordained people to plan, discern or learn together.

Dr Mandy Ford (mandy.ford@southwark.anglican.org) would be happy to receive applications over the next few months until Easter 2015 and the money will be spent by December 2015. Applications will be considered as they arise – until the funds run out – so this is first come, first served.

There is no formal application form, but any application should include

- a description of the activity,

- a breakdown of costs,

- a demonstration of how the project will serve the diocese as well as the deanery (e.g. a pilot for a course, training people with skills they can use more widely, etc).
Lambeth South has already had money for a Growing Leaders’ course. It would be great to see applications from Southwark deaneries!

Options for help in applications include:
· Jonathan Roberts, the Woolwich Parish Development Adviser
· Stephen Hance and his team of MAP facilitators
· Mandy Ford who is very pleased to work with deaneries to develop initiatives.