More information is slowly being added about the history of each of the churches under the "Our Churches" page.

On this page, a collection of links to the history of Camberwell and Peckham will be assembled.  

The following videos, particularly the second, show a number of churches that have now been rebuilt:

South East London Part I ‎(1960s)‎

South East London Part II (1960s)

Camberwell Green guided heritage walk - a succinct history of Camberwell
"Nikolaus Pevsner calls the style of St Giles "rather raw early English, not yet as refined and competent as Scott was to be later". Yet it is undeniably impressive, a cathedral in miniature with transepts, aisles and - most recognisable of all - a tall stone tower topped with an even taller spire. St Giles is also well-known for its East window, which was designed by Camberwell's famous child John Ruskin - his only remaining stained glass."

"Wren Road began when an eighteenth-century house known only as the Old House on the Green whose grounds extended as far as Daneville Road, was sold in 1850. The house was demolished, Wren Road took its place, and the grounds were split into plots for development. The Congregational Church bought a large plot and built a substantial chapel, since replaced by the Colonnades."