Our Chaplaincies


King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Chaplaincy -
King's College Hospital


Service times:  Mon-Fri: 1.15pm.  Sun: 3pm
Location: Map
Clergy: Offer support to all faiths and none and are available in an emergency 24 hours a day, just ask a member of staff.
Contact telephone (inside hospital):     33522
Contact telephone (outside hospital):   +44 (0)203 299 3522

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South London and Maudsley Trust

Location: Map
Contact telephone:
(Maudsley Hospital chaplains): +44 (0)203 228 2815

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Camberwell College of Arts

Location: Map
Clergy: Mark Dean
Contact telephone:   +44 (0)7843 329587

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King's College,  Denmark Hill Campus

Location: Map (IoP Portakabin, TO.06)
Chaplains: Revd Richenda Wheeler & Charlotte Townsend
Contact telephone: +44 (0)207 848 0044

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