Reading the Bible

There are a number of excellent resources on the web for accessing, reading and studying the Bible.  We've listed a few below:

Easily the most established site for looking up bible references on the internet.  It provides easy access to a vast number of different translations in multiple languages. 

The Scripture Tools for Every Person was designed by Tyndale House to form a free useful bible study tool for everybody.  At present, the number of bible translations and commentaries it offers are limited.  It does, however, provide a straightforward interface for comparing bible passages and commentaries.  It has a neat word look-up function for digging more deeply into the Hebrew/Greek behind individual words.

An excellent but expensive piece of software (£200 for basic option) for bible study with a plug-in "Anglican" base package that provides a selection of translations, commentaries and extensive tools for annotation, comparison and indepth biblical study.

There are some excellent bible reading resources here from the Anglican Communion Office.

Many Anglican churches select their Sunday readings from the lectionary; a three year set of bible passages that enable us to ensure that we cover (nearly) all of the bible in three year cycles.  It can be very helpful to reflect on the passages you'll hear on Sunday prior to the service and this site usefully lists the readings ahead of time..