Our Deanery in Southwark Diocese

Southwark Diocese (the entire area on maps 1 and 2) comprises 26 deaneries one of which is Camberwell (shaded red on map 1).  Our Diocesan Bishop is Christopher Chessun.  He is in charge of the entire diocese of Southwark:

(Christopher Chessun image taken from Southwark Diocese website)

The Diocese is too big to be looked after by one bishop so it is divided into three episcopal areas, Croydon, Kingston and Woolwich.  Each area has its own Bishop.

Camberwell Deanery is in the Woolwich episcopal area (shaded yellow and pink on map 2).  We are waiting for a new Area Bishop. 

(ZZZZZ  Image taken from Southwark Diocese Website)

The Woolwich episcopal area is divided into two archdeaconries, Lewisham&Greenwich and Southwark.   

Camberwell Deanery is in the archdeaconry of Southwark (shaded yellow on map 2).  Our Archdeacon is Jane Steen.

(Jane Steen image taken from Southwark Diocese website)

Camberwell has three neighbouring deaneries within the archdeaconary of Southwark.  They are Dulwich, Bermondsey and Southwark&Newington (shaded yellow on map 2).  These are the deaneries with whom Camberwell should develop good working relations.
1. Camberwell Deanery in Southwark Diocese